Anni & Tudur

  • Abersoch, Gwynedd
  • Wedding

— 150 Day Guests, 350 Night Guests

Tudur & Anni needed to provide space for over 350 friends and family, the constraints of the site was no mean feat. Given that there was quite a large floor area, flat white linings and plenty of clear PVC helped open up the space.

Anni & Tudur
Anni & Tudur
Anni & Tudur
Floor Plan

Wednesday 22nd June 2016

07:30am – 12:00pm Construct 12m & 9m Coverspan Frame and PVC, inc Wooden Doors

10:00am – 12:00pm Install Flooring and Main Wiring Loom

12:00pm – 18:00pm Lay Carpet and Install Flat White Roof Linings

16:00pm – 18:00pm Construct 6m Pagodas and Connect to Main Marquee With Gutters

Thursday 23rd June 2016

06:30am – 12:00pm Complete Installation of Flat White Linings

10:00am – 14:00pm Complete Interior Lighting and Electronics - Chandeliers | Uplights | Spotlights

14:00 – 18:30 Complete Exterior Lighting - Festoon | Flood Lights | Spot Lights

Friday 24th June 2016

06:30am – 08:30am Lay Wooden Dancefloor

08:30am – 10:30am Set Furniture

10:30am – 12:30pm Set Toilets in Position

12:30pm – 14:00pm Lay Matting Around Exterior of Marquee

14:00pm – 16:00pm Make Final Adjustments to Linings

16:00pm – 19:30pm Final Checks of Marquee Ensuring we Have Completed the Job to the Highest Standard .


  • 1 x Clearspan Frame Marquee 30 x 12m
  • 1 x Clearspan Frame Marquee 18 x 9m
  • 2 x Pagoda Tent 6 x 6m


  • 8-Arm Cream Chandelier
  • 'Edison' Bulb Festoon Lights
  • Stainless Steel Food Prep (6ft)
  • Reveal Curtain
  • LED Starlight Lining
  • Cord Carpet

Very professional in all aspects, the marquee was fabulous and everybody had such an enjoyable time. Diolch!

Rhian Parri, Abersoch


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